Konrad Oberhofer

Konrad Oberhofer


Müller Thurgau

It comes from a cross between two varieties: Riesling and Sylvaner

Konrad Oberhofer

The Founder

Konrad Oberhofer was a winemaker with a pioneering spirit. He recognized the significance of vineyard sites and was the first to vinify grapes in separate charges according to individual vineyards. This enabled him to decisively improve the quality of his wines.

The Winery

A family tradition since 1906

Konrad Oberhofer was born in 1906 into a family that had long been involved in agriculture and the wine trade. His father produced and sold wine successfully.

The wine village


The village of Tramin was first mentioned in 1145. The wine from the white grape varieties grown there was called “Traminer”. Its good taste was highly praised in the late Middle Ages, for example by…