Konrad Oberhofer

The Founder

Konrad Oberhofer was a winemaker with a pioneering spirit.

He recognized the significance of vineyard sites and he was the first to vinify grapes in separate charges according to individual vineyards. This enabled him to decisively improve the quality of his wines.

Oberhofer also introduced another innovation: he sold his wines in bottles and not in large barrels as was customary in the first half of the 20th century.

Thanks to his innovations, bottled wines were soon sold in large quantities directly from producers’ premises. This was particularly popular among tourists who explored South Tyrol in the 1950s and enthusiastically purchased a few bottles of wine to take home.

With the same passion and perseverance that distinguished his grandfather Konrad Oberhofer, Martin Foradori continues the historic family tradition of selecting and vinifying grapes from prestigious vineyards in Alto Adige. These unique wines reflect his constant pursuit of the highest quality.

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